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As one former teacher, Zoe Brown, who quit last year, told The Independent: “In some ways I don’t feel like a teacher at all anymore. I prepare children for tests and, if I’m honest, I do it quite well. It’s not something I’m particularly proud of, as it’s not as if I have provided my class with any transferable, real-life skills during the process. They’ve not enjoyed it, I’ve not enjoyed it, but we’ve done it: one thing my children know how to do is answer test questions.” On top of that, there are ideological concerns for some about the forced academisation programme, which gives businesses influence over young people; the truly chilling effect of year-on-year pay freezes (the clue’s in the name); and an enforced increase in employee contributions to pension plans which make even experienced teachers worse off year-by-year. Little wonder they are looking for alternatives in the jobs market. Of course, not all teachers who are considering leaving within the next five years will go through with that threat. “Considering leaving” teaching may also mean weighing up the remaining benefits against the drawbacks of starting over in another line of work. The pay in teaching may not seem competitive when compared to other graduate roles, but the 12 weeks’ paid holiday a year is some recompense; it may sound like a virtual nirvana for others trapped in an unfulfilling role with just quarter of that annual allowance of time to oneself. Yet the MPs are right to set off a flare: with Brexit fast approaching, immigration can no longer be relied upon to fill teaching gaps. Important subjects such as technology and the sciences are being neglected in our schools as specialist teaching posts sit vacant – many in the very disciplines that will create the jobs of the future, in a high-tech economy. Ministers play fast and loose with the carrots – attractive bursaries to train, higher pay and debt write-offs for new teachers entering in-demand subjects – while appearing oblivious to all the sticks they are throwing at the same time.

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