The Fundamentals Of Rapid Methods Of Evening Gowns

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Some Updated Answers On Convenient Systems

Oregon State researchers developing robotic fabric clothing

They're building robots that can be integrated into materials like silicon or gels. "Soft robots actually allow us to perform a lot of tasks that hard robots can't necessarily perform," said Walker. But the researchers are also working on robotic materials we can wear, like shoes that can intelligently form to your foot.  "So it can maybe change shape a little bit while you're walking," said Walker. "It can maybe sense how much pressure is being put in one place." The shoe would then change stiffness depending on what it senses. Even those sensors would be flexible. The flexible robotics could also be integrated into say a shirt or a dress. "You could monitor your heart rate, you can maybe have your clothes conform to you more tightly," explained Walker. The researchers are also developing soft biodegradable robots to help fight illnesses. The tiny robots could be swallowed and directed to a problem area inside the body, eliminating the need for surgery.

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