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The row comes days after the website apologised for selling doormats featuring the Indian flag. Gandhi, who campaigned for independence from Britain, is widely revered and known as the Father of the Nation. The Indian embassy in Washington had been told to tell Amazon US to respect Indian feelings, a foreign ministry spokesman was quoted as saying. "As a follow up to the matter regarding the sale of doormats with the Indian flag on Amazon, our Ambassador in Washington has been instructed to convey to Amazon that while providing a platform for third party vendors, they should respect Indian sensitivities and sentiments," Vikas Swarup said, NDTV reported. Image copyright @OYERJALOK The row follows fury over the sale of Indian flag-themed doormats. Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj took to Twitter to demand that Amazon "apologise unconditionally" or its officials would not be given visas. Amazon India ผ้าปูที่นอน monster university vice-president Amit Agarwal wrote to Ms Swaraj saying the doormats had been offered by a third-party seller on its Canadian website and there had been no intent to offend. Desecration of the flag is punishable with fines and imprisonment in India. Last June Amazon found itself in a similar controversy over sales of doormats illustrating Hindu gods.

1. Bloomingdale's MLK Day Sale Dates: Jan. 12 -- Jan. 16 Bloomingdale's is running a number of deals on home goods and sale items over Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend and throughout January. Offers include: -- Up to 75 percent off linens, small appliances and other bed, bath and kitchen products. -- An extra 50 percent off sale items. 2. Macy's MLK Day Sale Dates: TBA Though Macy's hasn't announced the details of its MLK Day sale, expect it to follow a similar structure to previous Macy's holiday sales: 20 percent off sitewide with free shipping on qualifying orders.

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ผ้าปูที่นอน ทิว ลิ ป src="http://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/hpj.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/b/c8/bc847bc4-d2b4-11e6-8b18-972cfe54d25c/586d4e26040a2.image.jpg" width='250px' alt='Calf' align='left' /> The initial signs of frostbite in the calf may be subtle unless the feet are involved. In that case, the calf is very reluctant to rise, but appears otherwise healthy with a normal appetite. Diagnosis is made on the basis of the signs in the calf (sloughed tips of the ears or tail, pain in the rear feet) and the weather conditions present when the calf was born. Frostbite is relatively uncommon in calves older than a few days, but older calves that are sick for any reason (e.g. scours) often have lower circulation to their extremities and may be susceptible. Severe wind and cold conditions may also cause frostbite in older animals. Bulls housed outside with minimal bedding in frigid conditions may be prone to frostbite of the scrotum, for example. Once the signs of frostbite have been observed, its often too late to significantly save the damaged tissue. However, steps should be taken to quickly warm up the affected areas to body temperature in order to minimize future damage. Directly apply warm water or warm towels to the area, after removing the calf from the cold conditions. The speed with which the tissue is warmed is not critical, but one should not vigorously rub the affected areas, as this will worsen the tissue damage.

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